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A foreign, familiar constant of the universe, bending with time, scattered in other whens and wheres like stardust across the galaxies. He is close with Death, and it follows gently in his wake, as it has always done. Centuries of life and loves and planets and knowledge are held, barely contained, within his changing frame. He is solitary, but almost never alone. The Doctor; the last of the Time Lords, a proud people outside of time who remain casualties of a devastating war. This is everything which encompasses his newest regeneration; his tenth body. Sweet, desperate violins entwine with haunting piano, which flows into loose beats and the static sounds of the guitar. Each song lets a facet of him show, from the loss of his planet, his self, and the slow struggle of realizing that though he is the last, he doesn't have to remain alone. And it does all of this without words -- welcome to an orchestral anthology of the Doctor.

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07 February 2008 @ 08:32 pm
365 days, and even that is fading fast. A year to live and a war to fight; but things have never been exactly normal in the Winchester family. The end of the world is now, now, now, and the little signposts along the road are all pointing to one place -- the place, the one with fire and doom and man, can't the demons just take a freakin' break already? Don't worry, boys. Their day will come. This mix focuses on the Winchester brothers; the overall tone equal parts light and heavy, brash industrial notes mixing with the pleasant strum of acoustic guitar. The songs were chosen for their lyrics and mood, and here's the kicker -- there isn't any classic rock.

And after that: the upward fallCollapse )
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24 January 2008 @ 07:26 pm
Isabella Swan is in love with a vampire. The slow and endless drizzle of her new town makes the green of the trees and grass glisten, ethereal. Her life is clouded by painstaking adoration and the constant struggle to survive the supernatural things she manages to stumble upon. So it's a fairly good thing that her vampire loves her back, fiercely and selflessly, and tries to protect her from the horrible wonders of his world. The songs you are about to encounter were chosen both for lyrical and atmospheric value, and the overall tone mimics that of their relationship: something haunting, otherworldly -- something beautiful.

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Current Music: Prelude for Time Feelers - Eluvium