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028: Supernatural | Amends



You have pulled the heavens into your head–stars and dark matter swirling in your blood–but somehow there are things that sting more than the very universe. Words that cannot be unspoken, acts that cannot be undone. But still you will press on, making amends. The timbre of cello blooms into further strings before stepping into rough, finger-swept guitar and a sweet sea of voices that rise as if from some holy choir; and then the downward spiral, grace cracking under the percussion of piano and the cry of carefully plucked steel strings.

LOOM /  rasputina  .1



Don’t let the bastards bring you down / Don’t let them rob you and steal your crown / Pull yourself up and walk on by / Keep calm carry on, head held high

THERE ALWAYS WAS /   peggy sue  .3

There’s trouble in my blood / There always was / There always was / What you thought was gold was only flesh and bone / So flesh and bone is all you’ll own

ONLY THE BIRDS /   firehorse  .4

It finds the veins / The stretch of road from your heart to your brain / It finds the veins / Feeding sunlight down the back of your legs / You’re rooted now / What have you become? / Only the birds / Know what you’ve done

WEDDING SONG /   yeah yeah yeahs  .5

With every breath I breathe / I’m making history / With your name on my lips / The ages fall to bits / In flames I sleep soundly / With angels around me


Where have all your good words gone / Where have all your stories gone / Where are all the pleasures from the timber of your tongue / I dreamed I had a gift for holding up the sky / I dreamed I had a gift for holding up your sky / And I dreamed that I had a way with words of consolation

RIDING IN YOUR CAR /   elephant parade .7

I like riding in your car / I like riding in your car

BIBLE DAYS /   jessica lea mayfield  .8

God is punishing someone you love / He would’ve gone too far if he were anyone else / You say your prayers then you do it yourself / They say God is testing us and I have failed / Well I don’t want to be tested by God or anybody else

MEDICINE MAN /   the mighty sequoyah   .9

Stuck beside the river's edge / None of us will get revenge / And none of us know where to go / So we're following the blood in the snow / My brother, they must know

DARK BANJO /   dark mean   .10

I wish thunder woke us up to storm / Pouring over body breaking form

BLOOD OF ANGELS /   brown bird   .11

I drank the blood of angels from a bottle / Just to see if I could call the lightning down / It hasn’t struck me yet / And I would wage my soul to bet / That there ain’t no one throwing lightning anyhow

CUT MY WINGS /   seasick steve   .12

Cut my wings / Shot me down, I cannot fly


HI. Prepare yourself for a ton of mixes being posted in super close proximity to each other. You’re gonna have a crazy amount of summer music.


Comments rule. Especially if you're taking the zip! I can't host individual songs because websites threaten me. :’)

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