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027: Doctor Who | Killerking

DOCTOR WHO: The Master

He's burned through so many bodies now, and through so much time, pulling him apart like ghostly fingers, sinking into his skull and rearranging. It's there, it's always there, the sound that echoes so loud in his head that he thinks it will bring down the sky, will darken stars or entire systems, make comets falter in their orbit. But they can't hear it, none of them can hear it and so he laughs instead, teeth shining. Slick, guitar-backed beats dissolve into dreamy synth, accompanied by an echoing heartbeat of hollow vocals and strums before building back into ragged drums, electricity, and the pulse-jump of pumping bass. But maybe that's just the thump-thump thump-thump finally bleeding through.

BAD RITUAL /  timber timbre  .1

There is a history in pictures / There is evidence in boxes / There is proof of your love for him, long after it's dead / And every creak, a trigger / I will think of you with others / I could not smother out dead fire in my head

DIE BY THE DROP /  the dead weather  .2

Let’s dig a hole in the sand, brother / Starve off the land for worse or better / Get right down to the bottom / If one goes I’ll do the other

OPEN HEART ZOO /   martin grech  .3

Know your limits boy / Once more too high / Complicate your words / Clever talk won't impress me / Suffocate your thoughts / Empty my head.

VIOLENT DREAMS /   crystal castles  .4

And just before the car caught fire / Bravely they pulled her off

DREAMS SO REAL /   metric  .5

There's no feast for the underfed / All the unknown, dying or dead / Keep showing up in my dreams / They stand at the end of my bed / Have I ever really helped anybody but myself

GUITAR HERO /   amanda palmer  .6

X marks the box in the hole in the ground that goes off at a breath / So careful don't make a sound / X marks the box in the hole in your head that you dug for yourself / Now lie in it

THE NAMELESS /   cathy davey .7

And in the day we'd count the hours / And in the night we'd count the ghosts / And you would call me nameless / You'd call me nameless

A GRAND THEFT INTERMISSION /   amanda palmer & the grand theft orchestra  .8


IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE WHO WE ARE /   celldweller   .9

It makes no difference who we are / No price to great no distance too far / If we can wish upon a black star

AN END TO CAMARADERIE /   maybeshewill   .10


IT AIN'T LOVE /   mstrkrft feat. lil' mo   .11

You don't know what love is baby / You've been running my heart with lies / Played your song and then you were gone / Like the beat goes out at night

  the bloody beetroots   .12

Kings, princes, presidents / Put down your swords / The king has come / Yes, the king has come


SURPRISE! Everyone's favorite psychopath. Have some sweet tunes to back your inevitable rise to power.

Coming up next: Hannibal! Castiel! Rose Tyler! More Rose Tyler! My dwindling social life!


Comments rule. Especially if you're taking the zip! I can't host individual songs because I've gotten so many warnings and am now paranoid. Hooray!

But feel free to friend the community for fanmix updates. :)

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