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026: Supernatural | End of Days

SUPERNATURAL: the Winchester Brothers

Bluesy Swamp-stomp tunes roll into classic rock riffs before rising like demonic possession into Gothic folk– and ending it all with Baroque cabaret, a delightful swell of strings and rising chorus. Angels may hang from Heaven and demons crawl up from Hell, but you know what they say: as above, so below. And should the end of days truly break upon the earth, there are two brothers who walk between them, weapons and wit at the ready. They’ll keep their heads down, and just keep
on swingin’.

KEEP ON SWINGING /  rival sons  .1

One day, my prayers are gonna be answered / For so long, I've been hungry for something else / When there's a will there's a way / I work hard because at the end of the day / The Lord helps those that help themselves

OLD PINE BOX /  the dead brothers  .2

Ha! That’s right / I said Hail Mary full of grace / What’s that cream all over your face / Come on get back, that’s out of place / You’re gonna make a whole new race

OLD NUMBER SEVEN /  the devil makes three  .3

When I grew up fast I guess I grew up mean / There's a thousand things inside my head I wish I ain't seen / And now I just wandered through a real bad dream / Feelin' like I'm coming apart at the seams

NEW MOON RISING /  wolfmother  .4

Well, I've seen that you've grown now / With the horses you ride / Gonna have your say now / I see the new moon rising

ADINA /  the few moments feat. jherek bischoff  .5

Told myself lies, always nervous inside / Until you came walkin’ on up / But all the fear just dies when you’re by my side / Since you came walkin’ on up

DEMONS /  the deadly syndrome .6

You put your demons on the walls of us / You wasted time that wasn’t yours / It’s been a while since I’ve put my hand out / I’ve taken time, I’ll take some more / It’s hard to watch you make your orphan / It’s even harder to ignore

BILGEWATER /  brown bird  .7

When everyday is like a war between the will to go on / And a wish that the world would spiral into the sun / Turn your head toward the storm that’s surely coming along

WHEN DEATH COMES /  mikelangelo and the black sea gentlemen   .8

Angels to the left, demons to the right / Close your eyes and dream in the graveyard of the night / And when Death comes be it quick or be it slow / We’ll be riding on the railway with the Devil down below / He’ll make us suffer / He will tear this world apart / It’s been a long time coming / Now my friends it’s time to depart

TIME PASSING /  the irrepressibles   .9


HAVE TO DRIVE /  amanda palmer   .10

We will save your brothers / We will save your cousins / We will drive them far away / From streets and lights / From all signs of bad mankind / We suffer mornings most of all / Wake up all bleary eyed and sore / Forgetting everything we saw


Here it is, the other mix you had no idea was happening. But that's okay... right? Yeah. I started this thing off in Spotify last year and I finally finished it and I love it to death. The song that started it all was, unsurprisingly, "Have to Drive" by Amanda Palmer, which is heartbreaking but just lovely and perfect for them. Also I nominate Brown Bird and the Dead Brothers to be the unofficial musicians for Supernatural from here on out because seriously all of their songs are about magic and crossroad pacts and demons, and I feel like maybe it's one of those Chuck-the-prophet situations.

OH and the 8tracks thing is new. I kind of knew about 8tracks in the back of my head but for whatever reason I never joined but now... it's there. I've got a few mixes up– all the most recent ones (aka all the Teen Wolf ones bc my obsession is out of control), and a few older ones that I still liked the art enough to use. So YEAH. 8tracks. There are more mixes coming. I just finished one for Hannibal, which might be my actual favorite series ever? Like top of my list? So that's on the way. And all the other ones... that I've been meaning to post... I need a life.


Comments are like giving Dean pie. Especially if you're taking the zip! I can no longer host individual songs because I've gotten too many warnings. :(

But feel free to friend the community for fanmix updates. :)

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