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025: Teen Wolf | The Second Coming

TEEN WOLF: Peter Hale

Peter's something of an anomaly. He gets it, he does– being half dead, and then whole dead, and then not dead at all –it tends to push people past their limits. Scares them. He feels things under his skin now, can say the things that only the dead know, that only the dead can say, with a voice like the brush of fire on wood. And the things he says now resonate. They're layered, the words meaning different things to different people, and he'll smile at that, at their confusion. He'll show his teeth. The newest Hale pack blossoming in Beacon Hills is unorthodox, he'll give them that, because humans tinge the edges and flesh them out, and isn't that just the darnedest thing? They're all wondering what he's planning– what can he say, he's always been a bit of a planner –but he's playing the cards close to his chest this time, and still feels the small thrill of satisfaction when he breathes and the rest of them cower, just slightly. It feels good, powerful. Rough, gritty sounds howl between strings before melting into eerie electronics with echoing, crooning vocals and dissolving once again into heavy drum beats and guitar. It makes for a singularly circular experience. And what's that saying, again? That everything old becomes new again? Yes. Kind of like that.

THE HOWLING SONG /  matt elliott  .1

And that's why I howl / It's the only thing that's left

DEVIL /  ida maria  .2

You said you were lonely the first time around and I lost my mind / 'Cause I know both you and me were born under a bad sign / You're so pretty, like the rising sun

THE GREAT WOUND /  the invisible  .3

All the damage you have done / Makes its way to everyone / A figure in the mist / The devil will come to take you away

SPITTING BLOOD /  wu lyf  .4

If I could talk to you and speak the truth / All this wolf noise wouldn't start calling now

LA DISPUTE /  the third eye foundation feat. yann tiersen  .5

So you say / The land is lonely / So you say / You are lost / You are lost

AFTER THE AFTERLIFE /  cocorosie  .6

Welcome to the afterlife / Welcome to the afterlife

 tiny vipers .7

And I thought on this hiding place / On their shallow graves / Thought that you might get away from us / But we know that you're horrible

 atoms for peace  .8

I went for my usual walk / Just to tell it like it is / Tell it like it was / Judge and jury, executioner

 home video   .9

Here you are / Accomplished but dead


The past plays its music in my head / I sometimes feel I am already dead / And I'm looking down the par / The ones I love the most / But even though I'm gone / I can't give up the ghost

IT GETS DARK /  holy ghost!   .11

I hope it all falls apart / Let the end start to stop / I hope it all falls apart / It's the end, cross my heart

HEADS WILL ROLL /  yeah yeah yeahs   .12

Heads will roll, heads will roll / Heads will roll on the floor / Looking glass, take the past / Shut your eyes, you realize

WOLF LIKE ME /  anna calvi   .13

I got a curse I cannot life / Shines when the sunset shifts / When the moon is round and full / Gotta bust that box gotta gut that fish


I know. Literally none of you were expecting this. I wasn't either. (Okay that's a lie. Peter is one of my favorite characters ever and since I'm obsessed with Teen Wolf –and let's not mince words. I'm obsessed, as the past two mixes can attest to –I kind of told intodelirium that I've had this in the works for a long time.)

ANYWAY. Peter. Peter Hale. Undead sarcastic and quietly condescending Peter. I love him. I don't know what he's planning but I'm totally into it. I'd like to make some comment about Peter and the Wolf but that's probably been played out into oblivion, and anyway this is just a chance for me to push my music taste onto other people. There are some older songs here (WU LYF, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and what werewolf mix wouldn't be complete without another cover of Wolf Like Me?) but I hope some of the newer ones will make you happy. I really love the circular nature of this mix because it works so well on repeat. All the genres slowly mash into one another and create this strange organic mix of electronic and rock, which doesn't seem possible? But that's what happened.

Also, some of these songs cater to Peter and Lydia's weeeeird relationship ("Devil" in particular because wow that song) and can I just say here that I can't wait for Lydia to be in the loop and watch her interaction with Peter now that he's finished making her totally nuts? Because I'm excited.

Alright, so you know the drill. Comments make me SO HAPPY, because I upload the zip to my private server, and also because I am excited to even marginally help people get acquainted with new music. I used to host the songs individually, but people kept reporting me (WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST BE HAPPY AND SHARE MUSIC, GOD), so it's just the zip for now. The "Listen" link goes to my Spotify playlist. If you're curious as to what I'll most likely be posting here next, it's all in my playlists (with super obscure names!!!), so feel free to follow me on there! I love Spotify people!

You can also just friend the community if that's more your jam.

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