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024: Teen Wolf | RED

TEEN WOLF: Stiles Stilinksi (/Derek)

He can feel magic snapping in his mouth, sparking at his fingertips. It's electric, a crisp cloak of ozone suffusing his skin, as if waiting for lightning to strike. He was hesitant once, about his place in the pack— what could he do that the werewolves couldn't do better, or faster? —but now red zings in the corners of his eyes, glancing kaleidoscopic across his vision. It all comes down to belief. So he just grins, zips up his blood-bright hoodie and hefts his bat to his shoulder, the weight of it steady and reassuring, ready to take on anything. Pulsing beats, hollow vocals, and the raw-nerve static of guitar filter through to create the perfect set of songs for any of Stiles' witching-hour rituals, or as a resounding soundtrack for swinging into battle.

FIREWORKS /  yuksek  .1

Light the fires / Cross the figures / Light the fires

LITTLE SOULS /  the little ones  .2

Let's make a miracle, shout it out until it's right / Stand by me now I promise I'll stay up all night / We split the dark into pieces we could see / This is a simple twist and running of the feet

 shout out louds  .3

We were here, that I know / We lost our minds here, long ago / Climbed the fence, got caught on the ground / And let them know we're not all still around

UNGIRTHED /  purity ring  .4

The air is familiar / So is that smell / Dead voices cover their mouths / Refill their quotas with vessels of earth / And cry in detritioning bones

 everything everything  .5

My eyes are wide and my teeth dropping / Straight out of my skull / They clatter on the road anatomically displayed / I am as lithe as a vine as I whisper up the verge / And I am almost up to the shoulders of a horse

INTENSITY /  the whip  .6

Intensity, intensity / What the hell have you been doing to me / I need some more intensity, intensity / What the hell have you been doing to me, doing to me / Wired together, tied up inside, step into the skin where we can't hide

IN YOUR EYES /  modern witch  .7

In your eyes / In your eyes / I see sparks in your eyes

SPELLWORK /  austra  .8

I work alone saving my soul / If yesterday hurts tomorrow is worse / Send me a sign for my body's aligned / I'm ready to waste all my limbs and my face / My pores are wide open and bleed for your potion / Spellwork and lies

WILDFIRE /  sbtrkt feat. little dragon .9

Hey yeah, you're like a wildfire / You've got me rising high / Your innocence; who's brave, drowning in / Would you save me / It's a crime if you don't / You'll despair by the throat

GENTLE ROAR /  niki & the dove  .10

And I was afraid of you, but now I've gotten used to you / Now you're ringing, a peal in my body / One I didn't know of before / Is it the two lifelines in our face that I follow with my fingers?

MOTHER /  the golden filter   .11

Please lift me upon your throne / I break your heart you break my bones / And should I live I'll fall beyond / Mother, will you take me home

HOME /  glasser   .12

The clouds were dust, raining on us / There was a phantom me in a bed of love / Home

FOREST SERENADE /  the joy formidable   .13

Outside somewhere the shadows roll / I only know what I am told / So hurry slowly all of you / So hurry slowly through the truth / Our grooves are set in another life / An open trail of falling signs / Uncertainty but all mine

BAD BLOOD /  bastille   .14

But those are the days that bind us together, forever / And those little things define us forever, forever

BLACK NIGHT /  the dodos   .15

Control yourself / I don't want it to, I don't need it to / Contain itself, counting until / It was never that I was aiming at / It means someone else

RED RIDING HOOD /  elysian fields   .BONUS

My what big eyes you have (The better to see you with) / My what big hands you have (The better to squeeze you with) / My what hot breath you have (The better to please you with) / My what sharp teeth you have


Welcome to Obsessive Behavior Hour: Stiles Stilinski Edition! I wish I could say I'm not sure where this came from, but that's a total lie. Since my initial burst of strange voracity concerning all things Teen Wolf, I've slowed down. Kind of. So here I am, with not just a mix for Stiles, but an AU one: this particular playlist is for a fic series by ashinan, called Wolf Whistle. I'm kind of taken with it. It's beautifully written, the characters are clear and bright, and it's about Stiles' place in the pack and the evolution of some pretty awesome magic. On top of which, he's a badass. Which is obviously The Best. It's just a great piece of this universe with its own building of a mythology where "Red" isn't just a clichéd Grimm nickname. But I'm not going to tell you. You're just going to have to read it.

And you've probably noticed the new layout— I couldn't look at any old posts because they just hurt my eyes. I had to upgrade the way I did things. So hopefully it looks nicer and everyone is okay with it (especially the gif, because that's totally my favorite part). Anyways, YES! This is how I'm doing things now! I even edited my last post (oh wow it's also conveniently about Stiles HOW WEIRD) with the new formatting.


Comments are like Derek realizing that he does, in fact, Feel Things. Especially if you're taking the zip! Unfortunately, I can no longer host individual songs because I've gotten so many warnings. (I JUST WANT TO SHARE THE LOVE, IS THAT SO WRONG yes, it's illegal, Carina)

But feel free to friend the community for fanmix updates. I've got a few things lined up. :)

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