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022: Being Human | Our Lord Harry

He builds up the dominoes. He takes them down. Piece by piece. These are the small actions that have begun to define him, and he lets them. He can always feel that familiar itch underneath his skin, the hunger, the lust, the thirst which swells to forces he can barely control. And so he builds them up, one after another after another. The dots of the dominoes become something else, a marker of his accomplishments — some kind of ghostly code that tells him he can do this. He can do this. His fingers ache and he tries not to think of what will happen if he knocks them all down, if he relapses into the fury of his kin and lets slip his mask and declares war. But he won't allow it. And so he builds up the dominoes. He takes them down. Piece by piece.


santo domingo | drop electric . o1

everyone you know is dead | iron orchestra . o2

everytime i go to sleep | holly miranda . o3
All my life has been on the edge of falling down / One cool night, they're gonna put my heart in the ground
And there's no going back / And there's only change

nude (silent rider remix) | radiohead . o4
Don't get any big ideas / They're not gonna happen / You paint your smile
You paint yourself white / And fill up with noise / There'll be something missing

animals (alpines remix) | creep . o5
Will I ever be able to describe / The feeling inside / How does it feel to be alive?

spellwork | austra . o6
I work alone saving my soul / If yesterday hurts, tomorrow is worse
Send me a sign, for my body's aligned / I'm ready to waste all my limbs and my face

future starts slow | the kills . o7
And after all God can keep my soul / England have my bones / But don't ever give me up
I could never get back up when the future starts so slow / No longing for the moonlight / No longing for the sun
No longer will I curse the bad I've done / If there's a time when your feeling's gone, I wanna feel it

black lead | death in vegas . o8

hell is around the corner | tricky . o9
We're hungry, beware of our appetite / Distant drums bring the news of a kill tonight
The kill which I share with my passengers / We take our fill, take our fill, take a feel

real is a feeling (grimes remix) | pictureplane . 1o
I feel real / I feel real

bones beneath the bridges | drop electric . 11

Zip file.

I've been working on this since the third episode, and couldn't wait to post. This is all darkwave, witchpop, and electronica. I wanted it to be a slow build-up, something where we can peek inside Hal's psyche, the careful control, and then watch as he succumbs to the pulsing beats and ringing tones and becomes one of the Old Ones once more.

Comments are awesome, especially if you're taking the zip. Individual songs are hosted on Feel free to friend the community for fanmix updates. :)
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