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021: Sherlock | If the Light Takes You In, pt. 1 & 2

He knew, of course he knew, that it would have to come to this. But there are things that have also left him unguarded in this long moment, things that nothing could have prepared him for—mostly the feelings, the overwhelming swell of anger and protectiveness and the strange desperation. And then, of course, the resignation. He is not one to think that there is meaning behind any one moment of his life, seeing only the chaotic assembly, but somewhere he knows that if his life were to have any poetry at all, this would not be the final act. It would be the turn, the climax, and as he toes the edge, he can see John's dark shape down below, and feels the resignation turn toward determination. Maybe it doesn't have to be the final act after all.


falling | ewert and the two dragons . o1
I'm down, feeling silent / I'm know it's from before
I'm falling / Falling down

always everything | sin fang . o2
I wash only to get dirty again / I speak only to forget what I'm saying
Take care of me / Wrap me up / Shake me down when I fall into myself

give us a little love | fallulah . o3
It's another time, it's another day / Numbers they are new, but it's all the same
Running from yourself, it will never change / If you try, you could die

goodbye forever | my brightest diamond . o4
Then I can hear you brighter than the stars / Your voice is a razorblade
I can see you shining through the sun / You're so mysterious
Lose the hold as I throw this with a goodbye forever / Fear of exposure

oh john | jeremy enigk . o5
Oh John, remember / The way we used to feel inside
And John, remember / In stone is your new name on end / Only you can see

dance on our graves | paper route . o6
I hear something out there callin' my name / No matter where I turn it all looks the same /
I never sleep at night, I just stay up and wait / But the burning in my blood never came

frail | people press play . o7
Broke a glass / As you walked through the door
Water fell right into your face / You go off again

frebeight | gregory & the hawk . o8
Our sore sides stay / In our souls some days
With the shells that fall / Beneath our feet

don't fear | the honey trees . o9
You saw it fall / Like the rain, oh / And my soul longs / To see your face, oh
Come, oh sun / Come light up our eyes / Oh come, oh sun / Come wake our poor souls

there is a number of small things | múm . 1o

goodbye england (covered in snow) | laura marling . 11
You were so smart then, in your jacket and coat / My softest red scarf was warming your throat
Winter was on us at the end of my nose / But I never love England more than when covered in snow

blue melody | kwoon . 12
I can't forget those bygone years without your smile / We were gliding through mother ocean
But it happened / That sudden wrecking

o1 . prelude, op. 10, no. 4, in e minor | frederic chopin

o2 . sunlight | max richter

o3 . morceau j | ludvain

o4 . raein | ólafur arnalds

o5 . nihon | goldmund

o6 . untitled for piano and violins | the tumbled sea

o7 . adagio for strings, op. 11 | samuel barber

o8 . seeing you off the edges | eluvium

o9 . goodbye (instrumental) | apparat

1o . ode to a nightingale (john keats) | benedict cumberbatch . 1o
Darkling I listen; and, for many a time / I have been half in love with easeful Death /
Call'd him soft names in many a musèd rhyme / To take into the air my quiet breath

If the Light Takes You In, pt. 1
If the Light Takes You In, pt. 2

+ Compilation of both parts +

Some Commentary: I spent so much time on this silly thing, put a lot of love and effort into it. The first half is a contemporary look at Sherlock and John during the Reichenbach Fall, the moments between the frenzy, a look at their relationship and what it will mean when that relationship is torn asunder by Sherlock. The flow, the atmosphere of all the songs I had hoped to cultivate into a more melancholic (but still surprisingly upbeat) rhythm, one where it seemed completely natural for the next song to be playing. (I generally try to do this with every mix I make, but this one especially).

The second part, all instrumental save for the last track, is basically a playlist of completely tragic orchestral movements that you can cry to when thinking of those final scenes in Reichenbach. I wish it were deeper than that, but it really isn't. I needed a soundtrack for my endless sobbing.

I hope you guys like it!


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