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018: generation kill | there are stories in the soil

Dust settles in the corners of their eyes and the branches of their lungs, white staining their vision, breaths heavy with sand. The emptiness can be beautiful, can serve as a metaphor for their organs or their personal horizons, lets them blot out the sun with the curve of a thumb and wonder if that's all it really takes. They are warriors, but their boots are weighed with politics and they are marching a fragile line, ears straining for commands that come from tin cans, voices thick with static and numbers. But on they drive, and march, to ancient beats pulsing in the hot sand and the hot sky, waiting for the fire of danger to spark within them at any moment, fingers steady on their weapons. Acoustic guitars swell with their tempo, electricity zips up the strings to give them excitement, but static filters in and slows their footsteps as night washes the light from the world, letting their destruction become a celebration in the sky.

vultures | cocoon . o1
And I can see the vultures / The starvin' vultures / And the old man's ghost
I can see the vultures / The starvin' vultures / Killin' two white goats

the devil never sleeps | iron & wine . o2
Dreaming again of a train track ending at the edge of the sea / (Big black cloud was low and rolling our way)
Dog at the barbed wire barking at my buzz cut friends and me / (Sound of a switchblade shining in the summer rain)
No one on the corner had a quarter for the telephone / Everybody bitching, There's nothing on the radio

bad blood | bright eyes . o3
Up all night, all upset, outside's growing light / No breakfast, just not much of an appetite
So be cool and believe in the things you haven't learned / Because you lost and it's gone but it will return

scorpio rising | death in vegas . o4
Stick on these boots and sharpen the nails / Time is nigh for you leather girls / Maybe we should end this race / Vanish while we cannot leave no trace

just got to be | the black keys . o5
Evil hides in dark places / But now I find it / In familiar faces / I got to go because
Something's on my mind / And it wont get better / No matter how hard I try

cowboys | portishead . o6
Undefied, no signs of regret / Your swollen pride assumes respect / Talons fly as a last disguise / But no return, the time has come
So don't despair / This day, will be their damnedest day

mean low water | 65daysofstatic . o7

the nightly parade | unkle stiltskin . o8
Toothless monsters / Raid the nightly parade / It's the way we get paid
For breaking the rules / The testament to fools / And the results of schools

yawny at the apocalypse | andrew bird . o9

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