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016: torchwood | how we fight (how we die)

Major Children of Earth spoilers.

Ianto Jones was a shadow— or at least he appeared this way, for often you would be doing this or that, and in a small moment of material grief you would put your empty teacup down, and in the corner of your eye there would be movement. When you looked down your cup was filled almost to the brim, that one centimeter away from rising past the rim and threatening to spill, all over your hard work, or your keyboard. He is there, but he isn't there, background noise that fills the silence, a helpful static which made your coffee, filed your papers, called you a cab home. But then, this shadow-person, this someone's no-one, solidified— the edges of him hardening, his suit crisp in your vision, and you could tell in his eyes that he was someone to pay attention to. And this person, this Ianto Jones, was everything. To you, to your team. You could see the struggle, the determination, the knowledge, the love; all of it quivering with the need to be released, waiting for that push. You pushed. And though he blossomed, and he loved you, and helped you, and was there, always, for everything for you— you think you pushed too hard. Because he is less than his shadow, now, not even a whisper that guides you and disappears. He's gone, now, because you chose him, you pushed him, and he was more courageous and brilliant and selfless than you could ever have dreamed. This mix is for the late Ianto Jones, all of it concentrating on his untimely death, and how the loss of him affects those he loved. Because we're all grieving, not just Jack.

answer to the name of | sol seppy . o1
Feel it coming and I feel ok / Oh, you may fly away / We're so happy / Don't you cry
Gonna catch us a lullaby / Gonna catch us a lullaby

hearts are open graves | elysian fields . o2
Take me to your dark places / Like an asp I'll suck the traces / Meet you there beneath the crisis / Slowly melt the ancient ices
Never be ashamed my love / All hearts are open graves

start | mew . o3
No one to leave the light on / To help you choose the right song / I tried to write, but it's wrong / Nothing feels right with you gone.

world waits | jeremy enigk . o4
The way beyond your heartache / No time for our love / Your moment away beyond / Your heartache / No time for our love

if you come back to haunt me | patients. o5
And if you come back to haunt me / I could probably use the company / Come have a seat / But I have become forgetful
I can't remember why you died / And how / All this feels like a daydream
Or like some ghostly play / Where everything that is happening / Looks like it's dead and gone

moving clocks run slow | we were promised jetpacks . o6
So, you know, you take a little me / And I take a little you / We're all part of the century

follow the map | mono . o7

to be gone | anna ternheim . o8
Leave the body leave the mind / Leave the body leave the mind / Every promise every place behind
I just happen to feel so alone / For today for all days to come

glámur | amiina . o9

heaven adores you | earlimart . 1o
Got dirt on your face / Still you got something to say / Gonna make it alright / If you find the time
And Heaven adores you / Heaven adores you

when was i last home | the dø . 11
White and gray stones / If I find both along my way / I might feel a little less alone / Not so blue
But since I can still recall your features / How can I complain?

Zip file.

Comments are amazing, especially if you're taking the zip. Right-click save-as if you're grabbing individual songs.

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