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014. jekyll | the night shift

There is something lurking in the heart of Dr. Jackman; a shadow swirling inside him, waiting, waiting, waiting for the moment it can be free. Maybe there's a potion. Maybe there's just a girl. But somehow blood and lust and violence and glee surge up and overtake his soul, and suddenly the good Doctor's conscience blackens and chars; becomes something delightfully dark and twisted. Something which has been hiding. Say what you might; everyone has an alter-ego. His just happens to have a name and unfathomable power. And so eerie electronic beats provide the dark, enigmatic beginning of our modern Jekyll's journey, morphing into vocals as powerful as Hyde's appetite, all framed by electricity and wavering, mysterious voices which seem to insinuate a deeper and more dangerous kind of mind. Proceed if you dare.

bright mouths | electric president . o1
I see you in my head and eye / Your eyes are vacant / And your mouth is bright
And all you say are things I don't want to hear / So I smash my hands against my broken ears

the big afraid | 65daysofstatic . o2

darkness | lamb . o3
And I'm beyond recognition / Gone to some small space in silent stillness / Yet something beats anew / Somewhere
I'm waiting to be reborn / Only this time, only this time, only this time / Born in darkness / None can dim my light

songs of captivity and freedom | murray gold . o4

psycho | the faint. o5
I know I must have stressed you out / I don't start fights, I make explosions
It'd be easier to just calm down / Because I'm an asshole when I get called out

creator | santogold . o6
Got no need for the fancy things / All the attention that it brings / Tell me no, I say yes, I was chosen / And I will deliver the explosion
Can't say it's gonna get me far / Do no good to say what you are / I run the streets and I break up houses / River runs deep and the flame devours it

dancing behind my eyelids | múm . o7
See the bones behind my eyelids? / They're dancing / And they sound like tap-dancing shoes

beguiled | splashdown . o8
What a charming sound my tail makes wrapped around your neck / As I send all the sins from your past as a gift to your future / Like a self-inflicted wound
Hear that hissing? / What a soothing sound my tongue makes / As I wait to watch you fall from grace

fire & ice | rasputina . o9
Moving in for the kill tonight / You've got every advantage when they put out the light
It's not so pretty when it fades away / Cause it's just an illusion in this passion place / I've seen you burn them before

theme from the ninth gate (reprise) | wojciech kilar (featuring sumi joe) . 1o

two-headed boy (acoustic) | brand new . 11
Brother, please, we are one in the same / And you left with your head filled with flames / And you watched as your brain fell out through your teeth

Zip file.

Comments are amazing (much like this show), especially if you're taking the zip. Right-click save-as if you're grabbing individual songs.

Feel free to friend the community for fanmix updates.
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