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013: dexter | darkly dreaming dexter

Blood; sometimes it sets his teeth on edge. Other times it helps him control the chaos. Because inside Dexter Morgan lurks a hunger for destruction-- for the cold steel of his knives and the lush rip they make against human flesh, for body parts tightly wrapped in saran wrap, lowered into the Gulf in hefty bags never to be seen again. Say what you like; he's a very neat monster. Having no human feelings can help the process too-- our dear demented serial killer remains empty inside, save for the code of his foster father and the skills needed for his survival. And when the moon is full and hanging plump in the Miami night, the Dark Passenger lies in wait, its deep chuckles rumbling through the mind of our darkly dreaming Dexter, hoping to slake its thirst for blood.

secret | the pierces . o1
Got a secret, Can you keep it? / Swear this one you'll save / Better lock it in your pocket / Taking this one to the grave
If I show you / Then I know you won't tell what I said / Because two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

strange times | the black keys . o2
Stay here to dry your tear / I will be the one
To pull you through the mirror / Before you come, before you come undone
Strange times, strange times, strange times, strange times

blood theme | daniel licht . o3

hunter's kiss | rasputina . o4
I could see the streaming of his cloudy breath / No, I was not dreaming, I was next to death.
As I lay there twitching, then my legs he tied / Nothing was missing on the day I died

karma police | the string quartet . o5

hands around my throat | death in vegas . o6
Your hands around my throat / Ask me to let go
Your hands around my throat / Your hands around my throat

welcome to the times | 65daysofstatic . o7

show | beth gibbons & rustin man . o8
But it's all just a show / A time for us and the words we'll never know
And daylight comes and fades with the tide / And I'm here to stay

escalation | daniel licht . o9

time code | bright eyes . 1o
Death, data entry, ant hill law / Encoded arc, our common cause
Drink liquid clocks until I see God / Crystal display, can't turn it off

the secret agent ending | philip glass . 11

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