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012: doctor who | when our eyes align, disc two: after the blue

Time does not falter and it does not forget; and their tale, truly, is a tragedy-- in two parts. Once, they were together, and traveling held such wonders for her; though she was the only wonder for him. A war nipped at their heels even as they spun through their fantastic life, and finally, eventually, they were drawn to its center, unable to unknowingly orbit the chaos any longer. And fate, as it does, had plans neither could have seen -- nor have wanted to see. Torn away from him, impossible to return to her old life, she remains trapped in an alternate universe, forever aching to see him again. He continues to travel alone, his empty ship only serving to remind him how lively it used to be. Time had not saved them. But perhaps she could.

over the wall | splashdown . o1
Oh, but what they don't know / This thing is still leading me on,
Over the wall / How long / Will you be away...?

an accidental memory in the case of death | eluvium . o2

lovers dream | anna ternheim . o3
Maybe I could be yours / Maybe you could be mine
God, I waited so long / Maybe my time has come / To walk by your side

medley: where do i begin (speak softly love) | carl doy . o4

after the blue | sarah fimm . o5
A patient girl she waits as violets start to cringe again / The hollow moon she starts to bend
And fractured pieces of her distant youth / They fly above to soothe a heart that's seen the sky / After the Blue.

cascade | tycho . o6

memory loves you | sophie zelmani . o7
So tender are my thoughts of you / Still warm after the glow
The stones are too soft to throw / Memory loves you

dust on the window | low . o8
Dust on the window / Sun's darkened angle / Write your initials with mine
By this time tomorrow / I'll be just one day closer / One sunset further behind

all alright | sigur rós . o9
It may be this time tomorrow / Or it may be today / It is now alright
Now it's better / Now we'll know / Now he'll know what I am feeling

sunsesame | caribou . 1o

mercury | sarah fimm . 11
I see visions of galaxies / Where you are is where I'll be / Someday

koop island blues | koop feat. ane brun . 12
Hello my love / It's getting cold on this island / I'm sad alone / I'm so sad on my own
The truth is / We were much too young / Now I'm looking for you / Or anyone like you

dimanche de pluie | tycho brahé . 13

seems to be my star | sol seppy . 14
All night, I look for you / All night, I look for you
And you seem to be my star / I wonder where you are

toujours là | yann tiersen . 15

pieces of sky | beth orton . 16
A dress made of air and webs and you / The way dreams evaporate as they come true
To anyone else just endless blue / An invisible kite string connects me to you
I knew that it’s selfish to think you’d come here / There’s so many people that must need you near

Zip file.

their lives, separated (the thought process):
Over The Wall is the theme for the helplessness of both to conquer what seems to be an expanse of white but is in fact the barrier between their realities. In their time apart, they can reflect, unwillingly, on what they might have done to have stopped this from happening -- become more ruthless, show more mercy, hold on tighter? And it is during this time that Rose will wonder if perhaps he was An Accidental Memory -- but she will shake her head at the thought, fingers pulling at her jumper. There was nothing accidental about them.

But then something happens -- she can hear a voice, his voice, and she begins to believe that she will walk with him again, will continue to journey through countless constellations at his side. But that is how Lovers Dream -- full of hope. They can manage a last glimpse of one another, but Where do I begin?, she will think. All that needs to be said could not possibly be spoken before they are closed off from another, surely?

He fades before he can tell her.

They reluctantly live their lives, painfully separated, and she never stops hoping, never stops working toward the day when she will see him again, After the Blue; somehow sense him through Pieces of Sky.

Only time knows if their paths will merge once more, and silently the gears of the universe begin turning.

Disc one can be found here.

This has literally been in the works since the beginning of the year, so any comments are ace; especially if you're taking the zip. Right-click save-as if you're grabbing individual songs. Feel free to friend the community for fanmix updates.
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