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011: doctor who | when our eyes align, disc one: ...sudden stars

The first part of one of the most windswept romances to ever grace the universe -- the stunning tale of two time travelers, each the perfect compliment to the other. When their eyes align, time itself seems to still; they are hopelessly caught up in one another and they spin, carelessly, across the stars -- a pairing they would never hope to part from. These songs detail their growing conviction for each other, a chronology which follows their time together, ephemeral as it is.

theme from to kill a dead man | portishead . o1

beginning of the end | no, really . o2
It’s the beginning of the end, my friend / The stars will fall, the seas will rise again
Can’t change the world our parents left to us / So sit back and watch the cities self destruct

shadow falls | hello, blue roses . o3
Take your time now / We're going for a ride

faceoftheearth[clingingonto] | 65daysofstatic . o4

amazing life | jem . o5
Watch the leaves / Rustling in the wind / The summer breeze /That’s living and dying
It’s amazing, it’s amazing, this amazing life

little bird | goldfrapp . o6
We danced on the moon / We danced by the sea / That land of blue and gold / Is where we were free

gobbledigook | sigur rós . o7
Vendur í hárinu - úú / Vendur í... / (Lalalala lalalala : Lalalala)

our journey | renich . o8

come running | sol seppy . o9
You call my name, come running / Come running in my friend / If I was ever in need / I would be calling your name.
And if it's a sunny day tomorrow / We can relax by the sand / And I won't fall away from your shadow

the travel | grace valhalla . 1o

...sudden stars | sterolab . 11
After such distance / Come to me, precious being, come to me
After such ennui / Come to me, delicious, enfold me
After such a long drought / Here a place for flowers to flourish

feral children | beth orton . 12
Sat on the steps in the pouring rain / For every constellation she might navigate again
Each and every line she might wear in time / Baptized by the rain and the euphoria of pain

the lunar queen | eleanor l. vault . 13
The lunar queen / Chokes with laughter / And curls as stars descend / From the sky, from the sky

up is down | hans zimmer . 14

hanging on | people press play . 15
You draw a line around my head / You think it's where it's at / You've lost your sense of it
And I feel it's somewhat strange / How your mind is set for it / When I know the fault's all mine

winter (what we never were after all) | múm . 16

Zip file.

their lives, entwined (the thought process):
Theme From to Kill a Dead Man is for the Doctor; the desperation he houses, the lashing despair of being the only survivor of the Time War, not only becoming the last of his entire species, but conversely being the cause of it. And then Rose, the shopgirl rutted in routine, has Beginning of the End -- encompassing the sort of fruitless monotony she endures; not possessing the will to change the world from where she is.

Suddenly, miraculously, they find eachother. Shadow Falls is the haunting theme of the TARDIS, equal parts alien and adventure, the rhythmic beats paralleling the progression of time, the steady ticking of her clock.

Clinging to the skin of this tiny little planet, he says to her, and Rose can suddenly feel the turn of the earth, the sweet slow melody of lava, molten beneath the crust of her world, and for a moment she is so much bigger than her life can hold -- she is meant for something, for someone, and though it is only for a few fleeting seconds, she is changed. She follows him into a blue box, and it's the start of her Amazing Life.

From Little Bird to Feral Children, they follow one another across the stars, hand in hand. Their lives stretch into something neither of them could give a name, but they are alternately frightened and thrilled by it.

The universe eventually faces extinction from the very creatures responsible for the Doctor's anguish and though he tries to save her, Rose instead becomes The Lunar Queen, the Bad Wolf -- she is impossible, standing on the very edges of time, gilded as they are, and she glows, omniscient, power humming in her voice as a wave of her hand brings life, brings death. There is life for a life, and then a life for a kiss.

He changes.

Rose's world catapults -- Up is Down, and it is hard for her to grasp, but although his face is new, his soul isn't. Renewed and never leaving the other's side, their travels continue, spiraling further and further into the depths of the universe, both Hanging On to one another; the Doctor and Rose, partners. Forever, she says, and though it hurts to hear, he cannot argue.

But then, saving the world takes a turn -- they are ripped from each other, and Winter slowly dawns on the summer of their lives, their careless laughs evolving into something harder, something more determined, each of them realizing that her foolish whispered promise of forever was something they Never Were After All.

Disc two is here.

This has literally been in the works since the beginning of the year, so any comments are ace; especially if you're taking the zip. Right-click save-as if you're grabbing individual songs. Feel free to friend the community for fanmix updates.
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