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010: Sookie Stackhouse | Nocturnes

The world of Sookie Stackhouse is impossible. It is a world of vampires, shape-shifters, fairy godmothers and werewolves, and our blonde telepathic barmaid is stuck right in the middle of it all. Not to mention the fact that she's apparently something more than human, she has a blood bond with a stunning, thousand-year-old Viking vampire who just so happens to control the upper part of northern Louisiana (and is her ex-boyfriend's boss, if vampire hierarchy is anything to go by). But politics isn't the only thing Eric Northman excels in -- he happens to be spectacular in bed. This compiliation is a careful look into their lives, in between the Royal Summits (who knew Louisiana had a queen?), the bloodshed, and unexpected visitors; folk and indie at it's finest, strung together by the common thread of a burgeoning romance which neither could've predicted.

skin is, my | andrew bird . o1
My skin is / White as parchment / Drier than a downtown office building where the air is tight
There's time spent resting on her bones / Waiting for the telephone to ring

of pressure | mirah . o2
I ask you what you think / Of my forward question / Is this a release or / A build up of pressure

in mind | do make say think . o3

her tea leaves | iron & wine . o4
Many men behind her door / Have heard the bathtub run and longed to love her
And though she doesn’t wait for me / We never ask the time when we’re together

anybody else | snowden . o5
I remember them telling me how much I didn't know / I thought I was ahead of schedule.
Later on they mentioned that to love and lose is better than to never. / They were right before. Could they be again?

spitting games (country version) | snow patrol . o6
Its not as if I need the extra weight / Confused enough by life, so thanks a lot
Lonely written words for company / Just raise the roof this once and follow me

eveningland | hem . o7

my secret | anna ternheim . o8
From today I'll change my priorities around / I’m no longer in command / And people say
I’m off solid ground and you're to blame / But they don’t understand
People never do / It's confusing, I don’t expect them to

worms | beth orton . o9
And now I'm your apple eating heathen / The original sin / Well you ain’t got my faith
So best keep your belief / I had waited forever to love someone
I swear I heard you thank your god this time / For having me come along

paper gown | midlake . 1o
Don't leave with your / Hands covering your face / My body is stone cold here
Don't go / Don't leave / Don't leave my place

red to black | fort minor . 11

Zip file.

For the amazing and beautiful colorbox. ♥ Check out her stunning Eric/Sookie EP here.
Comments are ace, especially if you're taking the zip. Right-click save-as if you're grabbing individual songs. Feel free to friend the community for fanmix updates. :)
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