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and then the fireworks happened ☼ carina

009: secret diary of a call girl | so sexual

Belle de Jour's voice is like a string of colored beads, like steps to the sea, and London -- well, London is her city. Cool air and cooler hearts mingle under a glowing skyline, glass buildings reflecting the streetlamps like manmade constellations, and it's behind these depthless gleaming panes where she does her finest work. And though certain words trail behind her, displaced breaths grasping for description, the truth is she is everything that they encompass, and more. They can say what they wish, but sex is her calling, her life, and she wouldn't have it any other way. She is clever, sophisticated, perfectly crafted and she is an experience you will never, ever forget. It's a business doing pleasure with you.

worked up so sexual | the faint . o1
How she moves, how she walks, they all patiently await / While the heat from in their pockets could burn marks into their legs
Without your needs and your support she'd have a job the same as ours; nothing daring / Would she miss a job that's sexual?

ooh la la «benny benassi extended remix» | goldfrapp . o2
Switch me on, turn me up / Oh child of venus you're just / Made for love

sex club | the lovers . o3
In the beat of the night, in the beat of the night / Take, take your time, let the fever grow / Turning tonight, we are turning tonight / Into a sex club

antiquehighheelreddollshoes | rasputina . o4
Rosy cheek and ruby lip, better than banana split / Dantier, smarter, better dressed / Antique High Heel Red Doll Shoes

chewing gum | annie . o5
I'm gonna tell you how it's gonna get done / I'm just a girl that's only chewing for fun!
Spit it out when all the flavor has gone / Wrap it 'round your finger like you're playing with gum

turn me up | benny benassi . o6
You are my sweet release / I got to have you now / You're my affection
Don't leave me breakin' down / Everybody in the world should hear what I'm saying
'Cause I wanna scream it to the world today / Turn me up up up up up up up

dead disco | metric . o7
Tits out, pants down / Overnight to London / Touch down, look around / Everyone’s the same

triple chrome dipped | michna . o8

go check | ms. john soda . o9
I feel I walk / My body lies / I am lying here with you in my bed
I'm not asleep / But do not show / Though you know it, you don't want me to go

outro (herz an herz) | blümchen . 1o
Bist du auch / So verliebt / Wie ich

Zip file.

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Tags: !boxed, tv: secret diary of a call girl
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